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Sports Spotlight proudly features athletic endeavors for all kids in Iowa. Here you'll find opportunities for your kids and features on improving youth athletic performance. Plus we provide you sports parenting tips. Follow along as we highlight youth teams and players.
If you have any suggestions for teams or players we should feature, please feel free to contact us!
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How much of a positive impact can participating in sports at a young age have? Nancy Justis discusses the benefits in her latest column. Read more »

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Full Disclosure About Travel Team Playing-Time Policies Read more »

Travel teams Youth sports



The old adage of "Practice Makes Perfect" isn't always the route to success, especially when it comes to training kids in sports. Kids aren't adults. Excessive training time and the kind of training can lead to overuse injuries, emotional stress and burnout, resulting in kids dropping out of programs. Read more »

Nancy Justis Youth Fitness



Nancy Justis is a former competitive swimmer and collegiate sports information director. She is a partner with Justis Creative Communications and a Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance in the state of Iowa.

Did you hear about the nine-year-old girl in Orlando, Florida who plays basketball for the high school team? She's reportedly so talented that she's being recruited by the University of Miami. Actually took a tour of the campus recently.

Read more »

Nancy Justis Youth Sports



Sportsmanship in youth sports isn't dead, but it is dying.

Why do I say this? Hey, have you been to a kids' baseball game recently? Or a basketball game? Pick a sport. Parents are yelling at officials, coaches and kids -- even their own kids; and coaches are yelling at kids and officials. And most often, the kids just want to have fun. Read more »

Nancy Justis Sportsmanship Youth Sports



The seventh grade contingent of Team Iowa took runner-up honors at the Football University National Championships. Read more »

Football University



Team Iowa (seventh grade) shut down a high-flying Team Seattle offense and advanced to the Football University national championship game, played at 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 5 in San Antonio. Read more »

Football University National Championship Team Iowa Team South Florida



The 2013 football season continues for more than the college teams playing bowl games and the teams in the NFL preparing for their post season run. Across the United State, youth all-star teams are also playing for national championships and one of those teams comes from the state of Iowa who reached the final four in the seventh grade championships to be played in San Antonio, Texas. Read more »

FBU National Championship Iowa Youth Football

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