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For all of the latest local Iowa health and fitness news, features and events, just for you. Get yourself in shape...on the move or back in the game with our articles! This page presented to you by Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons




Sponsored content that offers fresh perspectives, from sports training to injury treatment and prevention. Read more »

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If you have read any of our previous articles you know we have consistently discussed holistic, well rounded preparation for athletes. One area we haven’t touched on is the importance for the athlete to stay fit mentally. Read more »

Athlete athlete mental game athlete mental health fitness health mental game mental health Sports Spotlight youth youth sports



A brief overview of the symptoms and treatment of patellar tendonitis, or jumper's knee. Read more »

Patellar tendonitis



An overview of the symptoms and treatment for a separated shoulder, provided by Des Moines Orthopedic Surgeons. Read more »

Separated shoulder



The Iowa chapter of the ALS Association is holding a charity walk to raise funds for ALS research on October 3. Read more »

Walk to Defeat ALS



Question: My 13-year-old son is playing Little League baseball and he has pain on the inside aspect of his elbow. He is a pitcher and he has been doing a lot of throwing and... Read more »

DMOS DMOS Doc is in



Question: How can some athletes like Adrian Peterson get back to football in 9 months, and others might never play football again? Read more »




The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is the most commonly injured ligament in the knee. MCL injuries are common sports injuries, often occurring with a direct blow to the lateral, or outside of the knee. Read more »

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